A great place to play lottery online

A great place to play lottery online

It cannot be denied that the internet has made a big impact on everyday life. From communication to trade, so many things can now be done online. Lotteries from all over the world are now open to you without you even leaving your computer chair – all thanks to the internet. Instead of sticking to the old lottery of stale in your area, you can now play in a larger lottery in various countries with a larger jackpot. Here are some jackpot hotspots from all over the world playing lotto.

El Gordo (Spain)

This is not a distant statement to say that every online lottery website in cyberspace now offers bets for El Gordo, the biggest lottery in Spain and can be said to be one of the largest planets. Even though most other lotteries have gifts up to hundreds of dollars, El Gordo advertises that he has a prize of up to $ 3 billion to give awards. Add it to a European tax free lottery system, and you do have a very interesting lottery game.

However, you will not get all digits in your bank account if your bet is pulled. In this Spanish game, you buy card shares (usually in tissens Bandar Judi Bola ) that have numbers on them. You then wait for the draw and cross your fingers that your number will be withdrawn.

Euromillions (transnational)

One of the biggest lottery games in Europe, this is a good game to consider if you will play in the online lottery. The Euromillions game accommodates a lot of jackpots that break the record of the last few years, the most prominent in which is the Dolores McNamara (around $ 152 million) (around $ 152 million) – the largest individual payment in the world to date. It is also worth playing as a lottery online because all gifts in the Euromillions game are given lump-sum and tax-free, make your victory a lot, much sweeter.

Mega Millions (Multi-Country, USA) and Powerball (Multi-Country, USA)

Although the tax and reduction consumed mostly – the majority, in fact – Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots, some larger jackpot winners are still left with the amount worth noting to check their gifts. Two largest mega millions of Jackpot winners to date – advertised $ 390 million – for example, will divide the prize after tax of around $ 140 million. Powerball prizes are not so far away, with the biggest jackpot (under the previous Powerball brand) at $ 363 million.


Even if it gives a relatively medium number, this Italian game is another favorite of lottery online because it always produces tax-free lump-sum gifts. In other words, the advertised amount is exactly what you will get if you have a Jackpot winner ticket. In addition, there are many times when Superenalotto provides a very far gift from Littly. Jackpot EUR100 million October 2008 (around $ 127 million), for example, inspired the madness of the Italian-wide lotto betting.

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